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The terrain has changed; leaves have fallen, the weather is colder and for many, snow is covering the ground indicating that winter is really here. For those who enjoy exercising outdoors, your activities may have become somewhat limited with what you can do; snow covered streets and sidewalks don’t make

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Keeping our brains healthy is a trending topic that is surely grabbing our attention and the attention of our family, friends and clients. We’re all looking for ways to maintain our brain function and avoid such devastating diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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Fatigue might feel as if it begins in the body, but the mind plays a key role. Though we tend to blame our bodies for fatigue, the brain actually sets the pace of energy use and holds a little energy in reserve. Here are a few ways to help clients tap

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The month of December was all about gatherings with friends and family to celebrate the holidays. With the holidays came food, lots of food, you may have eaten more (or drank more) than you intended, or ate out more than you would have liked. With December behind us it is

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In this second mindful eating article, we reveal several simple ideas that can make big differences with weight loss without having to consciously feel deprived of everything you enjoy.

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