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Often we take for granted our body’s ability to move. Movement occurs quickly and often without thought. But take a deeper look beneath the surface and you will understand why simple movements, like bending at the knee, require complex interactions between bones, muscles and ligaments. Fascinated by human movement, then take some time

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With the onset of apps, bands, bits, and other fitness-tracking devices, our profession is changing. But building human connections is still key. Here’s how to perfectly marry tech with real-life training.

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Ahh, the holidays have come, with the unfettering gluttony, the missed training sessions and the tethered emotions. For fitness professionals, holidays can mean wavering client discipline, a loss of focus and a dismal realization that the only crunches your clients are doing are those in reference to time and money. However, we

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By Mike Woelflein Personal training is a growing field—and the growth shows no sign of slowing. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 13% growth through 2022. That’s a lot of new trainers entering the workforce, all wondering one thing: How do you build a long-lasting career in the

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You don’t need to worry, but you may need a license: It’s required any time popular music is played publicly (beyond family-and-friends situations), regardless of whether it’s music you’ve purchased or music broadcast over the radio. There are some exemptions, but most don’t apply to the typical fitness center setting.

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