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Certified Personal TrainerExercise Programming

Originally published in the Summer 2019 issue of American Fitness Magazine. When I first became a personal trainer some 14 years ago, I was obsessed with corrective exercise and movement perfection. Prospective clients watched as I geeked out on every nuance of the impeccable squat. Once they became clients, they’d

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Exercise ProgrammingWorkout Plans

The body has 3 different planes of motion, responsible for all of the movements made. Learn more about the sagittal plane, transverse plane, and frontal plane.

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Certified Personal TrainerExercise ProgrammingFitness

“You need good form,” or “technique is everything” are just a couple of the staple statements you hear fitness professionals and strength coaches say. This is what personal trainers are known and hired for, making sure that the client is using good technique. What happens when a client starts to

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Certified Personal TrainerExercise ProgrammingWeight Loss Specialist

We all know a well-structured and consistent exercise program combined with a healthful diet can help all of us with weight loss and achieve our ideal body type. But do we need to push ourselves in the gym each day leaving buckets of sweat on the floor?

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Certified Personal TrainerCESExercise ProgrammingFoam Rolling / SMR

Hamstrings are arguably one of the most talked about muscle groups, as well as the most researched, stretched, and injured. While there is a wealth of information about hamstring injury prevention and treatment, hamstring injuries are still

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