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Suprascapular nerve palsy is a condition in which the suprascapular nerve is entrapped cutting off nerve supply to the supraspinatus muscle and potentially the infraspinatus muscle.  The suprasacpular nerve arises out of the C5/C6 nerve roots and passes through the suprascapular notch under the suprascapular ligament. After it passes through this

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Lately, there seems to have been a huge surge behind wearing compression clothing. Even as a techno-savvy triathlete, the compression clothing was something I always wondered about. Mainly, on whether the extent that some of my fellow endurance athletes wear this is even warranted. Sure, I have a pair of

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Are you suffering from chronic hamstring strains or have a client who is consistently hampered by hamstring injuries? The problem might not be the hamstring; the problem might be the psoas and the glute maximus. Many individuals suffer from chronic tightness of the psoas muscle. This may be due to repetitive

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Injuries in golf occur as they do during participation in any athletic orientated activity. Research indicates injuries in golf relate to functions of age, skill level, and frequency of play. According to Gosheger et al., over 80% of golf-related injuries are due to overuse (1). The most common injury experienced

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