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Coaching has become the buzzword in the personal training industry. See how behavior coaching can enhance a client’s potential for success, while also enhancing the relevance and value of the services fitness professionals provide. We’ll even share tools you can start using today to get your clients started on the

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Personal trainers are now primed to keep clients even more loyal with the explosion of wearable technology in 2015. The Fitness Industry Technology Council, FIT-C, reports the wearables market is poised to grow from 14 million devices shipped in 2011 to 171 million devices shipped by 2016; 60% being fitness related. With new

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When clients want to change their body composition, such as losing weight or gaining lean mass, how will you determine if they are meeting their goals? There are many assessment techniques, each with benefits and drawbacks depending on the client you are working with.

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For some of the top New Year’s resolutions, the benefit of incorporating exercise to achieving the goals seems obvious. But for others, the connections are just now coming to light. Here are some of the top New Year’s resolutions, from losing weight to falling in love, and how exercise helps

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Follow the OPT™ model and your snow-sport-loving clients’ last run can be as fresh as their first, all season long.

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