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Altered hip mechanics (hip adduction, contralateral pelvic drop, internal rotation) are often associated with patellofemoral pain in female runners. This study evaluated basic gait retraining techniques using a full-length mirror in female runners with altered hip mechanics. Ten female runners with patellofemoral pain completed 8 sessions of mirror and verbal feedback

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Q: What’s the best way to motivate a client who’s hit a plateau—no longer losing weight or improving strength or speed? A One off the best tools a trainer has is the ability to listen. First, reevaluate goals—adjust some initial goals and add new (appropriate) challenges based on current assessments. Try to discover what motivates

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It’s been said that in the first seven seconds of a customer or client meeting you, they’ll make 11 impressions about you. Make them positive impressions with our 10 quick tips to building positive rapport. A common error made by many health and fitness professionals when meeting new or prospective

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Runners are always sharing stories about their IT-band and how much it hurts. But what is IT-band syndrome, what causes it, and most importantly, how can you apply correctives exercise strategies to prevent it. By: Scott Lucett, MS, NASM-CPT, PES, CES Introduction Lower extremity injuries account for over 50% of

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Karen Jashinsky, CPT, MBA, chief fitness officer of 02 Max Fitness shares her secrets to success. Knowing how to boost clients’ health and fitness is just one part of your job. You’re also an entrepreneur. Whether you’re a trainer at a large chain or a sole proprietor, professional development skills such

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