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As a former group exercise manager, I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate countless fitness instructors teaching classes. One thing that always stood out was the association between an instructor’s use of verbal communication and the palpable energy in class (the stronger the communication, the more energy).

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If you’ve ever struggled to teach a class participant a particular exercise or combination that they just aren’t getting, you know how frustrating it

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The easy part of being a fitness instructor or group trainer is welcoming regular participants into class each week. They’re familiar to us, and each other. We see them often enough to know a bit about them: perhaps their history with exercise/injury, their fitness goals, their occupations, etc. We’ve seen

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See how Tamara Smith has taken the NASM OPT model and put it into action to protect workers from injuries.

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Certified Personal TrainerFitness Professionals

A. Usually a client with that sort of attitude has been

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