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Athletes of all fitness levels and backgrounds are challenging themselves, in droves, to the hottest fitness trend – obstacle course races. Races like Tough Mudder and Warrior Dash – two of the most recognized competitive adventure-style obstacles – have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Dubbed by some as the era

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Eating red meat at least five times a week increases your risk for colon cancer by 400 % in comparison to eating it less than once a month. Vegetarians have a 24 % lower risk of mortality from heart disease than non-vegetarians. Given these statistics, it comes as no surprise

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Brought to you by Trigger Point — Myofascial Compression Technique (MCT) is defined as building compression in a targeted muscle and moving the distal limb through a range of motion which replicates function. MCT is Trigger Point Performance’s revolutionary form of self myofascial release that systematically restores tissue elasticity, enhances

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These simple steps help outdoor sessions go smoothly Temperatures and hours of daylight are on the rise, so it’s the perfect time to take your clients outdoors. “Some people don’t want to go outside because it’s an uncontrolled environment,” says Amy Bomar, owner and education director of FIT Launch, a fitness studio

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The action of breathing is commonly taken for granted; however, dysfunctional breathing can lead to, or be the result of, dysfunction of the kinetic chain. This article will review the difference between proper and dysfunctional breathing, how dysfunctional breathing can lead to kinetic chain dysfunction (or vice versa), and provide

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