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Ep. 18: Keys to a Successful Training Business
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Some personal trainers have an impressive list of credentials but a small client base, while others aren’t as educated but are always booked. What’s the difference between them? In this episode, Rick Richey discusses how to find the balance between these two types of trainers. Learn what it takes to

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Group of Young Adults Posing at Gym
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There are some things that most of your clients of any age can probably agree on. For example, burpees are unpleasant yet satisfying, and a playlist that includes Beyoncé can make just about any workout fly by. But you might find that your millennial clients don’t quite understand the elegance

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There has been a growing interest in personal fitness over the past few decades, and with high-speed access to information, images, and other people at our fingertips, this comes as no surprise. Since the dawn of the fitness industry in the 1970s, we’ve come a long way from having to travel to

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Personal Training Leads
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If you’re like most newly certified personal trainers, you’re uncomfortable thinking about how to market yourself to generate leads and build up a client base.  That’s because fitness is your passion … and suddenly fitness has become your business. To stand out from the crowd of personal trainers AND make

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Business of FitnessCertified Personal Trainer

Thanks to social media, the explosive popularity of studio-based group workout programs, and the fact that many top actors work with a personal trainer to develop the sculpted physiques you see in the movies, many people are running away from their traditional desk-bound office jobs to pursue a career in

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