Joni L. Cramer Roh, EdD, LAT, ATC
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Joni L. Cramer Roh, EdD, LAT, ATC

Joni L. Cramer Roh has been teaching at Cal U since 1991. Roh earned her undergraduate degree in Professional Physical Education with a minor in Athletic Training at WVU (1988); graduate degree in Sports Medicine at UNC-CH (1990); and doctoral degree in Sport Psychology with a minor in Counseling (2001). She received her NATA BOC certification in 1988 and started teaching in the undergraduate and graduate Athletic Training Education Programs (ATEP) in 1991. In 2005 she created four core classes for the Sport Psychology concentration in the Exercise Science and Health Promotions program. Since then she taught the PRF 715 (Special Topics in Sport Psychology), PRF 753 (Psychology of Sport Injury and Rehabilitation), PRF 783 (Psychological Perspectives of Sport Performance Enhancement and Interventions), and PRF 830 (Research in Sport Psychology). The PRF 753, PRF 783, and PRF 770 (Exercise Physiology: Assessment and Exercise Prescription) have been recognized as acceptable online courses to fulfill requirements for the Association for Applied Sport Psychology Certified Consultant (CC-AASP) certification.

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The interaction of the psychological, neurological, endocrine and immune function and the influence on health is known as psychoneuroimmunology and has been studied since the mid-1970’s (Langley Fonseca, & Iphofen, 2006). Likewise, the stress-injury-stress model has been studied since the late 1980’s and includes the physical, environmental, sociocultural, and psychological

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