Brian Oddi, Ph.D., CPT, NASM-PES, NASE-CSS
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Brian Oddi, Ph.D., CPT, NASM-PES, NASE-CSS

Dr. Brian Oddi is an Assistant Professor in the Exercise Science & Sport Studies department at California University of Pennsylvania. He holds a master's degree in exercise science and a doctorate in education. Brian teaches a variety of classes in the field of exercise science and explores new topics in research related to health and wellness and sports performance. Brian has worked with the general public and collegiate athletes as a Strength and Conditioning coach developing new ways and techniques for clients to pursue their fitness and performance goals. He is always looking for new ways to incorporate speed training into fitness programming to achieve optimal health.

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There are many individuals who are striving to stay healthy and fit, however, they lack time to dedicate to a fitness program due to the busy demands of family, work, and pleasure. Speed training has shown to be a very effective tool to accomplish profound results in a short amount

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