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Team and individual success for high-school athletes has its roots in the training that begins well before the season’s first match, meet or game. To help student athletes prepare to play their sport of choice, you’ll want to begin by doing some basic movement assessments, addressing compensations and ensuring that

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A growing epidemic facing the next generation of Americans is childhood obesity. This epidemic will have lasting effects on health, wellbeing, and rising healthcare costs. In fact, childhood obesity has roughly tripled over the past 30 years (1). Experts predict about one in

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Parents are already thinking about summer, and you should be, too–particularly if you’d like to offer programming for young athletes when school is out. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your marketing, planning and program offerings now. The early bird gets the summer-camp attendees, so don’t delay.

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If you haven’t worked with clients who have disabilities, here’s a message from fitness professionals who do: Try it. At least once. The experience is likely to have a profound impact on their life and yours. In addition to raising your awareness, it can renew your enthusiasm and inspire a

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September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month: the perfect time to educate clients on kid-friendly lunches. Here’s a simple (sometimes surprising) menu for quick and healthy lunch-prep, from NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, RD and NutriFormance’s director of nutrition. (Bonus: They work for adult lunches, too.)

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