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By Brian Sutton MS, MA, PES, CES, NASM-CPT Of the various components that comprise a client’s total physical fitness program, cardiorespiratory endurance is probably the most misunderstood and underrated. In order to understand how to perform cardiorespiratory training in the most effective and efficient way, clients must first understand how

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The Optimum Performance Training (OPT™) model is a planned, systematic, periodized training system. It is designed to concomitantly improve all functional abilities including flexibility, core strength, muscular endurance, neuromuscular control, and cardiorespiratory efficiency. The OPT™ model has been extremely successful in helping fitness enthusiasts and athletes reduce body fat, increase

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By Michael Woelflein On Christmas Eve, 2011, Adrian Peterson tore his ACL and MCL against the Washington Redskins. By the time the game ended, the now three-time NFL First Team All-Pro running back had moved past the “Why me?” stage. In the trainer’s room, Peterson had one big question for

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By Sari Harrar As fitness professionals, we know how to assess and help our clients physically. We often guide them nutritionally. And we even have motivational tools to help them mentally. But could there be a key ingredient we’re not calling into play? Bringing spirituality into the realm of fitness

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Stress stimulates appetite, it increases abdominal fat, it increases risks for disease and it can even play a role in our intimate relationships. The list could keep going, but what exactly is stress and how is it connected to all these consequences? Examine the concept of stress and discover how

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