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The interaction of the psychological, neurological, endocrine and immune function and the influence on health is known as psychoneuroimmunology and has been studied since the mid-1970’s (Langley Fonseca, & Iphofen, 2006). Likewise, the stress-injury-stress model has been studied since the late 1980’s and includes the physical, environmental, sociocultural, and psychological

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See how foam rolling was shown to improve blood flow to targeted muscles for an extended amount of time, and the implications for warm-up and cool down benefits.

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Shoulder pain and shoulder injuries are among the most common conditions within the general population and among athletes. Approximately 75 to 80% of these are caused by conditions related to the rotator cuff (1). The rotator cuff consists of four muscles, including the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor. These

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The madness is back again. A time of basketball fervor, crazy bracketology science and an array of wagers regarding who will make it to the dance and win it all. With many hopes and dreams riding on the shoulders of teams and individual players, sometimes it might just be one

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By: Joshua J Stone, MA, ATC, NASM-CPT, CES, PES Every sports talk radio station is analyzing the rise of significant injuries in the NBA. ESPN had debates on the issue. Now the topic is trending on twitter. People are asking: Did the shortened pre-season lead to this rise in injury? Did

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