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In the spirit of Oktoberfest and post-race beer gardens, we’re going to explore the nutritional topic of beer. Of course, we remind you that moderation and responsibility apply.

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Not quite sure what all the lingo means when you are choosing your morning yogurt? Do you need a probiotic? How about adding in a prebiotic? Here we’ll set the stage on what probiotics are and their potential to improve health and performance.

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Walking through the grocery store beverage aisle, or aisles as the choices continue to grow, do you know what is in your bottle? There are drinks for before, during, and after your workout. There are others to improve your immunity, your mental concentration, your sleep, or even a healthy glow.

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By Brian Sutton MS, MA, CES, PES, NASM-CPT The world of nutrition is full of controversy, both disagreements within the scientific community as well as discrepancies (often marketing driven) between consumer media reports. Nowhere is this dissension more evident than in the discussion of dieting. A diet gaining popularity in the

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By Sam Hutchison BS, NASM-CPT In today’s culture, antioxidants have become synonymous with healthy living. They can be seen in sports drinks, energy bars and supplements which are marketed to provide better health and function. Antioxidants can also be found in natural foods like berries, whole grains, dark chocolate and some

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