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Certified Personal TrainerFitness

Explore the different career paths and opportunities as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)!

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Certified Personal TrainerFitnessFitness Professionals

Who is NASM and what have we been able to accomplish for personal trainers and the fitness industry? Take a trip with us down memory lane as we celebrate 30 strong years as a leader in personal training certification, education and the worldwide fitness industry.

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Certified Personal TrainerFitnessSports Performance

A powerful vertical jump is often considered the epitome of athleticism. Many sports, such as basketball, volleyball, and some track and field events, require the athlete to perform at high levels in this movement [1]. However, many athletes find themselves overtraining or dedicating long hours in the gym and not

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Business of FitnessCertified Personal Trainer

Many people get into the business of fitness because they already have a passion for working out. Being a personal trainer gives you easy access to workout facilities and the ability to still focus on your own fitness goals, essentially making the gym your office. But why else should you

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Certified Personal TrainerFitnessGroup Fitness

It’s that time of year: Everyone is motivated and eager to transform their physique. As a trainer and group fitness instructor, I love the energy and excitement of people packing into the gym, full of hope and the desire to achieve a strong body and fit mind. While I feel

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