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Don’t wait until clients get off track…Educate them now on how to avoid exercise relapse.

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“I’m too busy! I don’t have the time to invest in marketing…” “I’ve tried marketing before, but I’ve never gotten good results…” “I wouldn’t even know where to start, it all seems so confusing…” Sound familiar? A LOT of fitness business owners have a hard time creating rock-solid marketing. You’ve

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Did you know that personal trainers who have their NASM Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES) earn 48% more than the average personal trainer?1 That’s an amazing pay increase in an industry where your income is typically determined by the number of clients you have, how many sessions they book and how

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As fitness professionals and sports enthusiasts, we know how devastating an ACL injury can be for an athlete, both professional and recreational. Discover how the NASM Corrective Exercise Continuum can be used to help prevent this potentially career ending injury.

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There are few training tools in the fitness mainstream that pique interest and create more discussion than the kettlebell. For some, an intimidating ball of iron, for others a versatile piece of equipment that with proper training can transform your body. While kettlebell swings, cleans, jerks, and snatches offer unique

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