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Despite an enormous amount of research on
 the topic, there is still some confusion over the relationship of cardiorespiratory training intensity to fat expenditure. This fairly complex physiology has given way to one of the most common weight loss misconceptions: You have to exercise at a low intensity, or you

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Four NASM Certified Personal Trainer share what inspired them to become fitness professionals—and offer their best advice to help you find success in the new year.

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Help your clients define and conquer their weight loss goals. There’s more to it besides just being SMART. Though any time of year is a suitable time to establish a goal, New Year’s is obviously one the most universal times to start that commitment. Weight loss and fitness goals continually

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is on the rise. Reliable statistics on the total population don’t exist, but estimates suggest that the figure has increased over the past decade to include about 1.5 million Americans. If you’re considering working with clients who have ASD, it’s important to educate yourself first, says

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Don’t wait until clients get off track…Educate them now on how to avoid exercise relapse.

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