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Teaching a client a new exercise, or even learning a new one yourself, can be a downright challenge. See how different forms of feedback can get the performance just right.

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Falling can be a serious and life changing event, especially for older adults. There are some simple interventions that can help reduce the risk of falling, and exercise is one of them.

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Here’s a simple (sometimes surprising) menu for quick and healthy lunch-prep, from NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, RD and NutriFormance’s director of nutrition. (Bonus: They work for adult lunches, too.)

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Assessing this full body movement provides a foundation for designing a client’s exercise program. See how to use the results of a squat assessment to incorporate corrective exercise strategies and potentially lower injury risks.

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Looking to grow your business? Just add fresh air and sunshine! Outdoor training sessions offer trainers a change of scenery, a return to simpler exercises, and a new way to appeal to clients. To help you avoid potential pitfalls, we asked NASM Master Trainer Darryl Cross for insider tips on

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