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Exercise can improve the quality of life of those with Alzheimer’s disease—and even slow its progression. Here’s expert insight on motivating and managing clients with early onset and later stages.

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Certified Personal TrainerFitnessFitness Professionals

Who is NASM and what have we been able to accomplish for personal trainers and the fitness industry? Take a trip with us down memory lane as we celebrate 30 strong years as a leader in personal training certification, education and the worldwide fitness industry.

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Business of FitnessFitness Professionals

Studio goers expect top-notch programming, superior customer service, and results. Therefore, the cornerstone of your studio’s success is providing each of these items consistently. While you may start out with a small but mighty team of fitness professionals making it easy to control the product you promise, expanding to

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Certified Personal TrainerExercise ProgrammingFitness Professionals

If you’ve ever struggled to teach a client a particular exercise that they just aren’t getting, you know how frustrating it can feel—for both of you.

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Receiving positive feedback from group exercise participants about your performance as a fitness instructor can make your day! It feels great to be praised and confirms that you’re on the right track with your teaching. Of course these compliments don’t validate you as a person or instructor—they just point out

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