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Business of FitnessCertified Personal TrainerFitness Professionals

Imagine, for a moment, the first day of your first job. Were you nervous? Anxious to get out there and prove yourself? Did you wonder which fellow co-workers were going to become your friends? Were you afraid to make a mistake?

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Behavior Change and MotivationBusiness of FitnessCertified Personal Trainer

Personal trainers have the difficult task of not only managing themselves, but also the hundreds of clients they will see throughout their careers. This includes managing their workouts, re-assessments, and their emotions – yes, their emotions. Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to

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Business of FitnessFitness Professionals

Studio goers expect top-notch programming, superior customer service, and results. Therefore, the cornerstone of your studio’s success is providing each of these items consistently. While you may start out with a small but mighty team of fitness professionals making it easy to control the product you promise, expanding to

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Business of FitnessYouth Fitness

Parents are already thinking about summer, and you should be, too–particularly if you’d like to offer programming for young athletes when school is out. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your marketing, planning and program offerings now. The early bird gets the summer-camp attendees, so don’t delay.

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Business of FitnessFitness

The dream of every entrepreneur is to create a profitable business that gives them the freedom to live the kind of life they want. But if your pricing and packaging aren’t right, you’ll never achieve that dream. There are two common mistakes that fitness professionals make when it comes to

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